Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 291 2017
In This Issue
Editor’s Note 3
A Team- and Project-Based Approach to Advancing Scholarly Communication
Initiatives across the Library 6
Origin of the Scholarly Communication Working Group (SCWG)
First-Year (2016) Projects
Staff Feedback on the SCWG Work Model
Second-Year (2017) Projects
Lessons Learned
Appendix: Survey Questions
How Intrapreneurship Enhances Existing Organizational Structures: A Holistic
Case Study from a Large Academic Library 19
Intrapreneurship in Libraries
Benefits of Intrapreneurship
Case Study
How to Use Intrapreneurship to Promote Holistic Librarianship at Your Institution
Creating a Holistic Fabric of Services and Collections from the Inside Out:
Exploring Convergences of Liaison and Special Collections Librarianship 32
Commonalities and Challenges of Working Together
Defining the Collaborative Model
Envisioning Holistic, Integrative Special and General Collections and Services
Interpersonal Communication among Library Colleagues
Organizational Culture and Structure
Staffing Models
Staffing Intersections
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