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Research Library Issues 291 2017
integrating ORCID into library and campus systems. By the end of the
year, there were more than 2,000 ORCID iDs associated with Cornell
e-mail addresses, as well as a plan in place to include ORCID iDs as
public information in Cornell’s identity-provision services. At the
time of writing, the latter has been fully implemented. Integration
with the library’s institutional repositories was less successful,
primarily due to limitations of the platforms in use at CUL.
Author Rights Outreach
Author rights management was a topic of great interest to potential
SCWG volunteers, as well as library directors at Cornell. After the
steering group identified several resources in need of development
that would support author rights education on campus, staff across
the library were invited to participate in an intensive, one-day
working meeting to collectively create these resources. During
the meeting, participants developed a public-facing library guide
on author rights,9 created a slide deck for a presentation on the
topic, and drafted a sample correspondence for library liaisons to
use in their work with members of the Cornell community. The
team introduced these resources to all interested library staff in the
library’s Reference and Outreach forum, and finally, described in
a blog post the results of the work as well as the process.10 Library
staff report making good use of the resources developed—sharing
the library guide with faculty, staff, and students, and using it in
teaching and presentations. Usage statistics for the guide show
571 views over the life of the guide, as of March 31, 2017.
Staff Feedback on the SCWG Work Model
In March of 2017, we distributed a survey to all participants in the two
SCWG first-year projects, ORCID@Cornell and author rights outreach.
(See Appendix for the survey questionnaire.) We excluded ourselves
from the survey, though we all were participants in one or both
projects; this left nine potential respondents, with no crossover
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