Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 291 2017
they would volunteer for a SCWG project in the future, stating that
they appreciated the way in which the working group conducted
its work, and that the methods were effective. While the SCWG
formed teams for its second-year projects before this feedback was
received, the group will use the feedback to guide its future work.
Second-Year (2017) Projects
With so many project ideas gleaned from the initial open meeting,
the SCWG had to defer several to the second year. The following
projects are currently in progress.
Open Access Policy Investigation
Cornell University does not currently have an open access policy,
although the Faculty Senate approved a resolution in 2005 encouraging
faculty to refrain from submitting papers to or refereeing for journals
with exorbitant subscriptions fees, to publish in open access (or
at least reasonably priced) journals, to negotiate in order to retain
copyright in their works, and to deposit preprints or postprints
to disciplinary repositories or to an institutional repository. More
recently (2014) the University Assembly passed a resolution to
establish a committee to investigate the feasibility of an open access
policy for Cornell, and the work of that committee is ongoing.11
While no members of the SCWG currently serve on this committee,
recent changes to the administration of both Cornell University
and the Cornell University Library presented an opportunity for
SCWG to inform the next stages of this discussion. This project
team is investigating the feasibility of providing library support for
the kinds of open access policies currently implemented at peer
institutions, with the intention of presenting library administrators
with recommendations on a sustainable path forward.
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