21 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 291 2017 Benefits of Intrapreneurship To the Organization Intrapreneurship is budget friendly. It makes use of existing staff and does not require structural changes to the organization that may involve administrative departments like Human Resources or Finance. The lightweight nature of the process encourages temporary and informal arrangements that can be assessed for usefulness and impact early and often. This feedback loop can provide excellent insight into staff satisfaction, user needs, and service-delivery levels. Cross-departmentmental collaboration is a common element of intrapreneurship in large organizations. Assembling new teams or adding members with complementary skills and knowledge to long-standing teams is an opportunity to address problems with a new perspective, share skills across department lines, and bring departments closer together. Timely collaboration allows teams to acquire needed resources more quickly than hiring and fewer training resources are required. Collaborative arrangements born of intrapreneurship can delay the need for a new hire and can work as a proof of concept for job posting and hiring decisions, helping the organization become more innovative, flexible, and responsive to user needs. To the Librarian The intrapreneurship framework encourages leadership at every career stage. As long as the employee is empowered to identify problems, gather the right resources, and build solutions, they don’t need any particular title or authority level to practice intrapreneurship. Working in cross-functional teams builds empathy and allows team members to share their knowledge and collaborate effectively.5
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