12 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 291 2017 Open Access Week Programming In the past, various library groups have hosted a speaker on the topic of open access, and the SCWG has also hosted speakers when an opportunity arises. To date, there has been little to no organized activity on the Cornell campus during Open Access Week, a global celebration during the last full week of October each year, and there is significant interest among library staff in presenting one or more programs. The team is currently working in partnership with other library groups to bring an outside speaker to campus for one or more days this fall. Supporting the Collecting Efforts of Unit Libraries Initially conceived as an outreach campaign to promote the use of CUL’s institutional repositories, the SCWG adjusted the purpose of this project to explore the current archiving practices and repository workflows for staff across campus. This change in scope occurred for two reasons. First, some colleges are served by dedicated repositories that have dedicated staff to collect and deposit publications on behalf of their faculty, and the managers of these repositories saw no particular need for an outreach campaign. Second, the working group realized that some library staff (including liaison librarians) actively collect the digital outputs of the colleges, departments, and centers they serve, or other materials of interest to their communities, and already deposit them to CUL’s general purpose institutional repository, eCommons.12 Because that work proceeds on a fairly ad hoc basis, this group aims to understand what works well (and could work better) for the staff and units that are doing this. For those that do not deposit outputs to eCommons, the team hopes to understand why that is and whether anything can or should be done to facilitate greater use of eCommons. The group will also document and share best practices for individuals and units doing this work, so that deposits to eCommons can be increased without creating an unsustainable workload for eCommons staff.
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