15 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 291 2017 Appendix: Survey Questions 1. Which SCWG project did you work on? a. ORCID b. Author rights resources 2. What was your position at the time of your participation? (check all that apply) a. Librarian b. Archivist c. Staff d. Subject liaison e. Functional liaison f. Other 3. As part of this project… a. ...I formed collaborative partnerships across units. i. Not at all ii. Somewhat iii. Fully b. ...a tangible product was produced that I have since used in the context of my job. i. Not at all ii. Somewhat iii. Fully 4. As part of this project, I learned more about (optional) [free text] 5. Are there any other outcomes from this project that you found notable? (optional) [free text] 6. Would you volunteer again for an SCWG project? a. Yes b. No
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