Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 291 2017
when appropriate, practice complementary collection stewardship,
intermingling primary and secondary sources in research guides,
exhibits, and other outlets. Each possesses a firm sense of their own
professional identity, while acknowledging each other’s expertise
both within the academic library and externally, through their
broader constituents. Each makes appropriate referrals and works
integratively on projects across library departments and together
with faculty and students. This collaboration fosters a stronger sense
of expertise and strengths within the library, both interpersonally,
and to constituents. Further, each possesses an awareness of their
greater objectives in the profession. They recognize that, although
each librarian is responsible for specific collections, services,
programs, departments, and other populations, no one “owns” those
responsibilities, but rather they are the “go-to” person for their area.
Library administrators recognize the value of this work and
encourage their staff to work across department lines as a means
to further the strategic goals of the library and, in effect, the
university. In concert with their supervisors and directors, librarians
identify and pursue projects accordingly, with consideration to
given time and workload restraints, while taking advantage of
opportunities to work with and within their communities.
Faculty, students, researchers, and librarians continue to view the
library as a place of inspiration, scholarship, creative and academic
support, and as an incubator for envisioning the planning and
implementation of scholarly projects in a broad manner of formats,
media, disciplines, and perspectives. The university community
sees the library as a place to exhibit, perform, program, and interact
with scholarly work within and throughout their academic and
creative communities.
Interpersonal Communication among Library Colleagues
Central to moving toward a more collaborative approach to providing
services and facilitating access to collections, there must be a conscious
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