SPEC Kit 331: Changing Role of Senior Administrators  · 169
Washington University in St. Louis
Associate Dean, University Libraries
POSITION TITLE: Associate Dean, University Libraries (Organizational Development)
REPORTS TO: Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Dean of University Libraries
SUMMARY: As a member of the Senior Management Team, be responsible for the design,
articulation, and implementation of library collections, programs and services. Ensure the
development of library programs that meet the library’s mission of supporting the teaching and
research needs of the university and enhancing its role in the international research community.
Develop library policies that are in keeping with the University’s priorities.
MLS from an ALA accredited library school.
Second master’s degree preferred.
At least five years of increasingly responsible administrative experience in an academic or
research library.
Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to providing traditional and innovative library
collections, programs and services to all segments of the University community.
Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the application of technology to expand and
enhance library services.
Demonstrated interpersonal communication and leadership skills.
Evidence of professional interest and activity.
Devise, document and execute a long-term planning process for the University Libraries. 25%
Implement a quality assessment and measurement program for the libraries. 20%
Assess professional development and staff training needs and implement a program to 20%
meet those needs.
Provide professional leadership to staff in analyzing workflow and designing new, more 15%
efficient, effective ways of doing things.
As a member of the senior management team, participate in planning, budget, operation, 10%
and personnel decisions for the University Libraries.
Participate in regional, national, and international organizations and consortia as required to 5%
serve the University’s needs.
Ensure the implementation of University and Library policies. 5%
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