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University of Saskatchewan
Director, Financial and Physical Resources
Position Description
University Library
Title: Director, Financial and Physical Resources
Classification: Exempt; Leadership Phase 2
Incumbent: Vacant
Reports to: Dean, University Library
Revision Date: March 2011
The University Library is comprised of seven physical locations situated around the
University campus, and employs approximately 150 FTE faculty and staff. The work of
the Dean’s Office supports the library system. The University Library Strategic Plan sets
an ambitious program for the transformation of library collections, facilities, services,
and its organizational culture, designed to ensure the library’s continued growth and
development over the course of the University’s second century of development.
Primary Purpose of the Position:
This leadership position within the University Library works closely with University
Library senior leadership including the Dean, Associate and Assistant Deans, Head of
Library Systems & IT, and the Human Resources Manager. The Director, Financial and
Physical Resources provides leadership, direction and expertise to promote and
enhance fiscal leadership through long-term financial strategy and planning, monitoring,
management and reporting, including the management of policies, systems and
processes. The Director provides expertise to the library’s senior leadership about
space design and allocation including major capital projects, building maintenance
matters, refurbishment plans, and furnishings. The Director is responsible for ensuring
processes and procedures are in place and risks are mitigated to ensure the safety and
security of employees, visitors, collections, and facilities for all library locations, working
collaboratively with the Facilities Management Division, Workplace Safety and
Environmental Protection, and Campus Safety. The Director holds overall accountability
for the administrative service operations of the Dean’s Office.
Nature of the Work:
This position reports directly to the Dean of the University Library, and works closely
with the Associate and Assistant Deans, Head of Library Systems & IT, Human
Resources Manager, and Library Branch/Unit Heads. The Director is the primary
contact with the Financial Services Division for financial resource management, and
with the Facilities Management Division for space and infrastructure issues. The work is
unstructured and frequently time critical; of high volume of work requiring complex
problem solving, with the need for accuracy and frequently confidentiality. This position
requires discretion, a high level of integrity and independent judgment. The position
must deal with emerging and unpredictable events in a sensitive and timely manner,
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