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Smithsonian Institution
Associate Director, Digital Services Division
Associate Director, Digital Services Division
Senior Level Service
The Associate Director, Digital Services Division, serves as one of the senior executives
reporting to the Director of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) and is responsible for
planning, organizing, administering, developing, implementing, and coordinating all activities
for the SIL web presence, digitization of SIL content, coordination of web 2.0 activities, product
development and licensing, and associated e-commerce activities. The Smithsonian Institution
Libraries is a complex library system consisting of 20 branches located in Smithsonian museums,
research institutes and other offices in New York City, the Republic of Panama, and the
Washington, D.C. area. The incumbent administers the program and staff of the Digital Services
Division, on which each of the Libraries’ 20 branches depend to provide essential services:
web-content management, digitization, electronic publication, computer support and instruction,
and digital image processing. In total, the departments that make up this division serve
Smithsonian researchers through a variety of web-based services and a world-wide audience of
over four million unique yearly visitors. The Associate Director is responsible for identification
and implementation of appropriate technologies to meet the diverse needs of Smithsonian
researchers and visitors.
The Associate Director is a member of SIL’s executive management team and participates in
administration of all matters affecting the Libraries, including policy development and
implementation, budget oversight, and personnel. The incumbent represents the Libraries’ on
SI-wide committees and working groups, such as the Digitization Planning Committee,
Webmasters Group, the Web Strategy Team, Smithsonian 2.0, and others that formulate SI-wide
policies and procedures concerning web strategies and digitization. The incumbent develops
collaborative projects with museum and research staff and articulates funding proposals to
internal as well as external sources. The incumbent serves as the main point of contact for all
contracts relating to digital services. The incumbent serves on national and international
committees and makes presentations to national and international groups on all areas that affect
Smithsonian Libraries.
The Associate Director provides the leadership to direct the division in performing outstanding
library digital services and the vision to seek new, innovative policies, programs and practices
that continue to provide exceptional library services to the Smithsonian community.
Major Duties
Oversees management of personnel located in the Web Services Department, Information
Services Department, SIL Imaging Center, and Digital Images Coordinator. Working as a team,
the Division’s staff design, create, maintain, and promote a variety of web and other digital
services for the SIL and SI communities, as well as for cooperative projects on a national and
international scale. The Division also assists in the support of digital applications and work-
related personal computer applications within the Libraries. In consultation with department
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