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Duke University
Director, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Director, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Job Code/Title: 2133/Librarian
Department: RBMSCL Job Level: 0
Supervisor: University Librarian Job Family: 29
FTE: 1.0 FLSA Status: Exempt
CAP: Yes Term: N/A
Date Created/ Reviewed:
Position Summary
The Director of the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library (RBMSCL)
assists the University Librarian in leading and managing the Perkins Library system and
provides leadership and direction for RBMSCL and its staff. The director reports to the
University Library and Vice Provost for Library Affairs and serves on the Executive
Group of the Perkins Library system.
Working with the University Librarian and the Executive Group, provides leadership
for shaping and achieving the libraries’ mission and goals.
Contributes to leadership of the Perkins Library Renovation and Expansion Project,
serving on the Project Advisory Committee and supervising the work of the Project
Develops and strengthens relationships between the libraries and university
administrators, faculty, students, donors, and supporters. Participates in meetings of
the Library Council and the Library Advisory Board.
Participates in budget planning for the libraries.
With other members of the Executive Group and with department heads, participates
in the Perkins Library system Administrative Council.
Promotes the growth and development of RBMSCL in line with the mission and
goals of the university and the Perkins Library system.
Working with library staff and the user community, establishes goals and priorities
Oversees the formulation and implementation of library policies and procedures.
Plans for staff, equipment, and space needs and allocates resources to meet
established goals and priorities.
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