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University of Saskatchewan
Associate Dean
Associate Dean
University of Saskatchewan Library
August 2007
The job profile for deans at the University of Saskatchewan define the role of Dean as
follows: “As the chief academic and operating leader of the College, the Dean is
accountable for the creation and implementation of the College’s and University’s
integrated plans and for ensuring the academic quality and integrity of the College.
Major responsibilities include leading the College planning process; ensuring that
strategic and operational plans are in place; advocating and promoting best practices in
research, teaching, outreach and engagement, and deployment of human and physical
resources; monitoring and improving performance to ensure outcomes as defined in the
integrated plans; promoting positive relations internally and externally; and identifying
and pursuing opportunities to support and enhance the long-term growth and success of
the College and University. Where applicable, the Dean ensures that the accreditation of
academic programs by external organizations is maintained”.
Primary Purpose
The Associate Dean assists the Dean and leads a discrete portfolio of responsibilities,
currently designated as services to clients (Clients Services). The Associate Dean leads
the system-wide provision of high-quality library services to its clients, from the seven
branch libraries. The Associate Dean is a member of the Library’s executive leadership
team, reporting to the Dean of the University Library.
Nature of the Work
The Associate Dean is responsible for providing leadership to faculty and staff,
especially in relation to the development and delivery of services to clients (faculty, staff
and students of the University of Saskatchewan). This role has system-wide
responsibilities across all seven branch library locations.
The Associate Dean is supported by a team of Branch Heads (Librarians assigned
administrative responsibilities for the day-to-day operations of services delivered through
branch libraries). Working in close collaboration with branch heads, the Associate Dean
ensures the soundness of library educational programs, the quality of library services to
clients, and the effective management of human and physical resources assigned to the
client services portfolio.
The Associate Dean functions in a highly demanding environment that requires constant
scanning for issues and challenges against multiple priorities and demands on limited
resources. The work is of high volume and is complex. Decisions ranging from the
mundane to critical are required on a routine basis. The Associate Dean, in consultation
with the Dean, is responsible for determining the nature and extent of academic activities
in which s/he engages during his/her term.
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