SPEC Kit 331: Changing Role of Senior Administrators  · 167
Washington State University
Head, Collections
Washington State University
Position Description
Position Number: 41611
Appointment Status: Faculty, Tenure-track, Annual, 100% FTE
Organization and Location: Libraries, Pullman
Working Title: Head, Collections
Basic Function: This position administers the Libraries’ unit that coordinates selection
activity and acquires intellectual resources to support the teaching, learning, research,
and service activity at Washington State University.
Reports to: Assistant Dean
Administers and approves expenditure of the $5 million-plus collections budget.
Collaborates with the Collection Managers for each funding unit and with twenty-some
subject selectors to select serials, monographs, media, and electronic formats for all
Pullman libraries. Oversees serials selection and cancellation projects, as necessary.
Oversees collection management for monographs, including weeding projects and
disposal of library materials. Oversees expenditure of gift funds for collections and
manages receipt of gifts in kind.
Chairs the Collections Management Working Group, the oversight committee for
collections. Monitors and revises collection policies, as needed. Oversees collection
assessment and accreditation review projects.
Reviews and approves licenses with vendors and publishers for electronic resources;
negotiates favorable terms, including price, service, and archival rights; consults with
the Attorney General, as necessary.
Serves as liaison to consortial partners: serves as the WSU representative to the Orbis
Cascade Alliance Electronic Resources Committee, the Greater Western Library
Alliance Collection Development and Management Committee, Washington
Cooperative Library Project (CLP) and other consortia like BCR, Solinet, Minitex,
UW/WSU, ICCL, and others. Negotiates with consortial partners and vendors and
commits WSU resources for selected products.
Assists in the purchase of monographic library materials by selecting vendors and
managing fund accounts and payments. Prepares collection management reports.
Reviews business and service agreements from time to time.
Serves as liaison to the regional campus libraries for shared access and cost for
licensed and purchased electronic resources.
Serves as liaison to Technical Service units to assure an efficient workflow for licensed
and purchased resources to be linked, cataloged, and made accessible to users.
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