17, 26 Figures reflect a reduction in staff in 2004‐05 as a result of reorganization. Staffing additions are anticipated in
2006‐07 and 2007‐08.
26 Figure reflects transitional staffing patterns.
33, 34 Decrease is due to modifications in services and collections.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 133,102.
24 Figure reflects more computer hardware purchased.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 702,181.
4.a Unable to differentiate between serials purchased and serials received but not purchased.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 269,920.
1.b A large number of government publications were added and withdrawn in 2004‐05.
8 The increase is due to those files that come with monographs.
15.a Ordering books due to increase in serials prices.
21 Excludes the cost of computer files that come with monographs. That cost is listed in the total for monographs
(15a). The decrease in this figure reflects what was actually spent on one‐time purchases.
24 Hardware and software are purchased in bundles not always possible to separate expenses.
2, 15a A large chunk of monograph money was reallocated to cover journal expenditures for 2005‐06.
4 Figures reflect better record‐keeping. More accurate electronic journal numbers were derived from Serials
17.c A decision was made to reduce reliance on student assistants by having full time staff cover some weekend and
evening shifts.
28 Considerably expanded hours at student request.
29 Organized instruction did not take place in 2005‐06 focused on informal instruction instead.
31 These stats do not appear to have been kept.
32 Reserves were 11,438 for 2005‐06.
17.a Decrease due to the retirement of long‐term head of library, and hiring of new head with lower salary.
15.c Health Sciences Library purchased journal backfiles due to building renovations.
4 In prior years serials received included print serials only in 2005‐06 serials received includes both print and
electronic serials.
13 All computer files (8) and audiovisual materials (10 13) are included here.
15.b In prior years medical library expenditures included only print titles current year medical library expenditures
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