Footnotes · 53
9 Substantial increase in operating funds due to several funded projects.
18, 19, 21,
Data included in main library statistics.
6 Drop in total library expenditure reflects cutbacks in staffing, operating expenses in keeping with
Medical School cost reduction, and efficiency goals.
1 This figure represents campus wide titles held, not exclusive to Health Science Library.
2 This figure is the sum of the total Volumes held for Ebling Health Sciences Library (399,622 volumes)
and the campus-wide total for e-books (939,379 e-books), as these e-books are not exclusive to Ebling
Health Sciences Library holdings.
4 The UW Madison campus-wide total for electronic books (766,938) is reported on the Main library
survey, as electronic books are not exclusive to Special Collection holdings and are accessible by the
entire campus.
18–20 These reported figures represent campus-wide totals and is not specific to Ebling Heatlh Sciences
Library. It is not possible to extract Ebling-specific data for these questions.
11 29% professional staff 55.5% support staff.
13.c Students hired as part of a major shift project.
14, 15 Estimated due to problem with database.
16 During FY13 we went to a new system for tracking statistics, with a greater emphasis on staff
18–20 Information not available for individual libraries, only total university.
21, 22 FY13 requests were much fewer than FY12.
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