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1–2 Reflects large scale weeding efforts.
Library branches included: Countway Library of Medicine, Center for Bioinformatics (CBMI).
On July 1, 2012, Harvard University reorganized its library functions, consolidating most of the Access,
Services, Preservation and Digital Imaging Services, and Information and Technical Services staff into
a single group (the Harvard Library Shared Services). Thus, the number of staff and expenses for staff
directly employed by the Countway Library of Medicine (Questions 8, 10, and 13) have decreased.
Conversely, the Countway Library of Medicine compensates Harvard Library Shared Services through
an assessment that falls under the Other Operating Expenditures category (Question 9).
1 Title count based on total bibliographic records with active holdings in Harvard’s HOLLIS system.
2 Volume counts are an estimate based on item records in Harvard’s HOLLIS system, inflated by 30% to
account for items that are not represented by item records.
4 Electronic book data is organized centrally data is included on Harvard’s MAIN survey.
7.a, 7.b Includes digitally reformatted materials.
7.c Collections support includes binding, postage and mailing services, records storage, preservation
services, dues and memberships, bibliographic data, and consortia.
10 Harvard’s fringe benefit assessments cover payroll taxes and employee benefits, including (but not
limited to) health and dental coverage, retirement contributions, life and disability coverages.
11 Harvard has different fringe rates for the faculty, professional (exempt), support (nonexempt), and
temporary staff. The rate provided is the rate for professional staff.
13.c FTE figure is not available for student and temporary staff.
Data not available for FY13.
Library branches included: We are technically not a branch library. The Health Sciences Library reports
to the Dean of the John A. Burns School of Medicine.
13.b Odd to be asking for FTE and not allowing a number with a decimal. Our true count is 4.5, which was
rounded off to 5.
22 Our main campus library provides ILLs directly to our users as well.
18, 19 Statistics are generated through the proxy server at the Washington Research Library Consortium and
are included in the main library statistics.
Library branches included: Library of the Health Sciences Chicago Library of the Health Sciences
Peoria Library of the Health Sciences Rockford, and Library of the Health Sciences Urbana.
1, 2 Does not include e-books these are counted in the Richard J. Daley statistics.
8 There were several retirements at the beginning of FY2012/13. Open positions were evaluated, and
recruitment is underway for staff with different experience and skills.
10 This is an estimate fringe benefits are not paid by the library.
13.a Actual is 20.4.
13.c Actual is 11.9.
18–20 Counted with Richard J. Daley statistics.
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