ARL Statistics 2012–2013 Worksheet · 37
ARL Statistics 2012–2013 Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help you plan your submission for the 2012–2013 ARL Statistics. The
figures on this worksheet should be similar to those in the “Summary” page of your web form, except in cases
where data are unavailable. If an exact figure is unavailable, leave it blank. The Primary Contact should
carefully review the totals for each question and if they are not representative of the overall institution,
the Primary Contact can mark the question NA/UA at the publication level screen.
Reporting Institution Date Returned to ARL ___________
Report Prepared by (name)
Email address Phone number _______________
Contact person (if different)
Email address Phone number _______________
1. Titles held June 30, 2013 (all formats) (1)
2. Volumes held June 30, 2013 (print plus electronic) (2)
3. Basis of print volume count is (3) Physical
4. Electronic books (included in question 2) (4)
5. Are the below figures reported in Canadian dollars? (5) Yes No
6. Total Library Expenditures (exclude fringe benefits) (7 +8 +9) (6)
7. Total Library Materials Expenditures (7a +7b +7c) (7)
7a. One-time resource purchases (7a)
7b. Ongoing resource purchases
(e.g., subscriptions, annual license fees) (7b)
7c. Collection support (7c)
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