44 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2012–2013
1 The library purchased additional e-books in anticipation of a major change with one of the e-book
6 The library resource budget was cut in FY 2011-12 and was reinstated in FY 2012–13.
8.a We added 1 FTE professional position.
13 We hired one additional professional during the fiscal year. When this was reported last year, we had
not yet recruited to fill the professional position.
13.b We changed staffing configuration due to eliminating evening and weekend staffed hours.
14 Two factors resulted in the reported increase: there were additional workshops held at regional
campuses during the year and also we improved our reporting mechanism this year.
15 This reflects the changes noted in question 14.
16 This number is based on an estimate of reported ready reference transactions. The majority of library
service activities are long-term research projects and instructional sessions. These are not captured by a
traditional definition of the reference transaction.
17 We began to circulate reserve books.
18–20 We do not have a reliable method for collecting these data.
22 This figure includes interlibrary loans, intercampus lending and lending from the union catalog in the
state. Interlibrary loan without adding intercampus and intracampus borrowing is 376. Statistics include
interlibrary loans, the documents/loans received through the FSU campus wide delivery service and
the loans received from other state university libraries within Florida.
4 Acquired new e-text collection of more than 1,000 titles and added additional new titles to the collection.
7.c Last year’s stats had an incorrect figure for ILL expenditures should have been $5,796. This is closer to
this year’s ILL figure of $7,762. Increase can be explained with more borrowing requests being sent out,
due to extension of free ILL program for faculty and students.
8.c Weekday morning hours have been covered for the past FY by the FT Circulation Day Manager. Also,
we increased the number of Federal Work Study students hired.
9 Includes costs to switch public workstations to zero clients.
10 Includes health insurance, FICA, workers comp, retirement, unemployment, tuition, disability, group
life and death benefits.
12 Gelman has traditionally provided this figure. Last year we put n/a.
13.c Circulation Day Manager took over weekday morning coverage in FY12–13.
14 Increase in number of requests for classes this year.
15 More classes result in higher numbers of participants.
17 Increase in use of e-texts may explain the decrease in physical book circulations.
18 COUNTER statistics available for more titles than last year.
20 Changed vendors/interface for federated-type search.
21 Increase due to more requests being submitted by law firms, and renegotiation of e-journals licenses
with a few publishers. We can now fill ILL requests from these publishers that we previously would’ve
had to cancel.
22 Patrons are taking advantage of the extended free ILL program and are submitting more requests.
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