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Library branches included: Health Sciences Libraries including Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.
2 Withdrew bound journals from collection.
4 Increased e-book purchases such as Clinical Key.
6 One-time funding for collection plus Norris grant and UH support.
7, 7.a Purchased archival e-journals and e-books using one-time funding.
8.c Unable to hire and retain USC student computer lab assistants on the Health Sciences Campus.
14, 15 Wilson Dental Library increased the number of educational sessions offered.
16 Installed Desk Tracker at individual librarians’ work stations as well as at reference desk. Now
capturing reference questions that come directly to individual librarians that were not included in
previous surveys.
17 Increased the number of e-books and archival e-journal subscriptions.
18 Full-text download decline may be due to platform changes and the new requirement implemented by
Clinical Key to create a personal account before downloading journal articles.
19 Added new databases and received unlimited access to all Access products.
20 Canceled the library’s only federated search, Serials Solutions 360 Search, in the latter half of 2011.
7.c External binding costs; decrease is a result of fewer journals to bind.
8.c Increase is a result of additional funding obtained to open more hours in support of the physician
assistant program.
10, 11 Includes FICA, retirement, worker’s compensation, life insurance, unemployment insurance, health
insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. Increase is due to higher insurance and pension
15 Decrease is a result of declining attendance at outreach programs for the general public.
22 Decrease in number of requests received.
1 We purchased e-books packages which included many titles.
4 We changed collection policy toward electronic format.
7, 7.a Expenditures for serials and other ongoing resource increased while purchases of one-time resource
7.c Bib. Utilities $31,452; ILL $3,750; memberships $5,890. Total: $41,092.
8.a, 8.b We changed the funding source of the IT staff to outside of the library.
8.b We are unable to replace individuals who retired.
9 HSL operating expense totals were higher in FY12–13 due to increase in Tech Fee allocation and
purchase equipment.
14 Due to a change in record keeping, the number of library presentations to groups was decreased.
15 Some classes are bigger that the total participants in group presentations increased.
16 Probably because the popularity of our LibGuides and the success of our literacy instructions, the
number of reference transactions decreased.
18–20 HSL collected download information selectively.
19, 20 The number of regular searches increased while number of federated searches decreased.
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