42 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2012–2013
1, 4 Not available.
7 These numbers come from our report for Medicare.
7.a Significant budget cut during FY13 in collections was accommodated through deep reductions in one-
time resource purchases.
7.b Changes in internal accounting artificially inflate this number no significant new subscriptions were
7.c Not available.
8, 8.a Vacant librarian position was filled in FY13.
9 We spent significantly more on binding this year than last year.
11, 12 Not available.
15 Due to changes in ARL definitions, medical center house staff orientations are no longer included in this
16 90% of all reference transactions assumed biomedical.
17 75% of all circulations assumed biomedical.
18–20 Not possible to separate biomedical from all Library activity.
11 Fringe benefits rates are dependent upon staff categories according to the following: Faculty -32.7%
Administrative &Professional Staff -40.6% Support Staff -55.0% Students -7.0%.
16 Data collection method has changed, affecting comparability of year-to-year data.
7.c $89,263 =$3,874 (binding) $1,430 (membership) $5,213 (OCLC collection) $2,098 (OCLC catalog) $3,891
(OCLC ILL) $1,622 (Document Delivery) $71,135 (Library system).
10, 11 Fringe benefits will not be included in the salary figures. There are five different unions at the Health
Center, three of which are represented in the Health Center Library. The fringe rates have 30% between
various union positions in the Library and this makes it difficult to have a generalized answer.
20 This figure is the result of searches using the PRIMO discovery tool.
Library branches included: Includes the Medical Library and the Medical Center Archives in New York
City. Also includes some counts for the Medical Library’s Patient Resource Center.
Library branches NOT included: Excludes the medical library at the Weill Cornell Medical College in
1 Excludes counts for the Medical Archives.
6 The NYC medical units shared four academic staff with the medical library in Qatar or with the New
York-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Only the WCMC-paid FTE portions are included here with one
exception: 1 FTE fully funded by Qatar is included as he works and reports to staff in the Medical
Library in NYC. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital also funds additional general operating expenses
(not included here) for the Medical Archives. Similarly, materials expenditures exclude Qatar’s and
Ithaca/Geneva’s contributions to shared e-resources.
7 The requested breakouts cannot be provided. See also note under Total Library Expenditures.
8–9 See note under Total Library Expenditures.
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