58 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2008–2009
Library branches NOT included: Main (GLS) (General Library System): Archives, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Business,
Chemistry, College, Geography, Geology &Geophysics, Math, Memorial, Education (Merit, formerly CIMC), Music,
Physics, Primate, School of Library &Information Science (SLIS), Social Science, Social Work, Special Collections, Steenbock
(Agriculture &Life Sciences), and Wendt (English). Non-GLS Libraries: Law, Map, Education (Merit), Primate, and
Wisconsin Historical Society (American history). Also: American Indian Studies Program, Arboretum, Cooperative
Children's Book Center, Center for Demography &Ecology, Chicano &Latino Studies, Journalism Reading Room, Max
Kade German-American Institute, LGBT Campus Center, Limnology Reading Room, Learning Support Services, Morgridge
Center Library, Plant Pathology Library, Space Library, Trout Lake Collection, University Communications Library, and the
Wisconsin's Water Library.
5 Total serial title holdings, in all formats, cannot be provided for one specific campus library. The total number of serial titles
held for University of Wisconsin (UW) Madison is 101,596. This number represents all reporting UW Madison campus
libraries, including Health Sciences (Ebling) Library.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
30-31 Reduction from 2007-2008 figure is based upon current review of campus reporting for small-group instruction and
37-43 Numbers reported for entire University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, regardless of discipline affiliation, school or
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 462,238.
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