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25 Figures are unavailable.
36-42 Included in main library survey response (2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
Library branches included: Included: Charles Krauze Library- School of Podiatric Medicine Library and HSC Library South (College of
Allied Health, Pharmacy, Dental and Nursing).
21 Significant one-time purchases made of journal backfiles in medicine and health professions.
Library branches included: Health Sciences Library, Memphis; Preston Medical Library; and the Knoxville part of College of Medicine
in Memphis.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 219,841. It was adjusted for Health Sciences Library-Memphis from 197,202 to 197,411 to capture the
number of e-books held, which was inadvertently omitted in 2006–2007.
4a Before de-duplication: medical titles purchased: electronic 5,389, print 251, total 5,640.
4b Before de-duplication: medical titles not purchased: 4,362
28 Health Sciences Library-Memphis is open 93 hours and Preston Medical Library is open 42.5 hours, but occurrence is within the 148
hours of operation for the University Libraries.
32 In 2007–2008, Health Sciences Library-Memphis did not estimate initial circulations as in previous years, so there is a drop in the total.
The 2007–2008 total includes only the Preston Medical Library.
37 Footnote: In 2006–2007 the UT Health Sciences PhD programs were omitted.
All figures are as of 08/31/2008.
Library branches included: Harrington Library TTUHSC/Amarillo, Montes-Gallo Library of the Health Sciences TTUHSC/El Paso,
Library of the Health Sciences TTUHSC/Odessa, Preston Smith HSC Library.
15d The establishment of the new El Paso four-year medical school library is the reason for such a significant increase in our miscellaneous
expenses listed here. 2007–2008 was the first year of funding for this new library.
15c The answer to (15c) and (15d) were combined in calculation for 2006–2007. The correct amount for (15c) is 53,883.
15d See note for (15c). The correct amount for (15d) in 2006–2007 is 5,242.
17 Corrected amount for 2006–2007 is 1,733,550.
17a Salaries on projects were not included in 2006–2007. Correct amount should have been 879,023.
17b Salaries paid from projects not included in 2006–2007. Corrected amount is 666,009.
19 In 2006–2007 this amount was incorrectly calculated. The high number incorporated salaries from projects, including that from our
donor's salary and benefits. Those numbers should have been excluded to obtain the correct calculation of $1,503,275.
20 Corrected the amount to answers (17) and (20) to obtain the proper total library expenditures: $4,528,779 for the 2006–2007 survey.
23a In 2006–2007 an amount was reported here that should have been (23b). It was from an external source and should have been 0.
23b See note on (23a). Correction of amount listed in (23a) for 2006–2007 (20,936). The amount double counted a credit that was already
included. This number should have been 21,077 for 2006–2007.
24 The figure reported in 2006–2007 was miscalculated. It should have been 101,514.
26a RML liaisons have (mistakenly) not been included in this number. They will be added from in future reports.
26b 2006–2007’s number was high-- some people paid from projects had FTE that was counted twice. The correct number is 19.
34 The number reported for 2006–2007 included document delivery and campus requests.
Health Sciences Library branches are included.
1 Includes 981 e-books.
1bi Includes 152 e-books.
1bii Includes 31 e-books.
2 Includes 181 e-books.
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