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Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data not previously reported from prior years. Numbers refer to
columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are as of 06/30/2008.
All figures are as of 09/30/2008.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 20,791. Difference in 2006–2007 volumes held 9/30/2007 (17,857) and 2007–2008 volumes held
9/30/2007 (20,791) due to adjustments to problem records in ILS.
4a The number of serials titles currently purchased (197) is composed of (4ai) electronic: 109 and (4aii) print: 88. Both (4ai) and (4aii) were
changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate other figures from the Alabama law and main library surveys.
4b All 1,961 serials that are received, but not purchased, are from (4bii) freely accessible. This response was marked UA/NA so that the
operating system could aggregate other figures from the Alabama law and main library surveys.
15d Includes memberships.
19 Includes bibliographic utilities and literature searching.
Library branches included: Arizona Health Sciences Library-Phoenix.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 223,687.
1bi Number is net volumes added.
1bii Volumes withdrawn figure is not available.
4ai E-journal management tools were implemented during 2007–2008 and it became possible to identify and track journal titles that are
provided to users that were not easily available for inclusion in journal title counts done in earlier years. Additionally, a number of
electronic biomedical (broadly defined) journals are from all libraries on campus (not just Arizona Health Science Library).
13 Includes bibliographic record types of video/film in both Tucson and Phoenix branches.
19 Includes ERE expenditures of $646,644.89.
23a $6,718 represents charges from AMIGOS. However, charges are more than offset by credits; e.g., credits received for what we contribute
to OCLC database/ILLs amounted to $12,384.
23b This figure includes AZHIN dues.
25 Includes all expenses, except personnel costs, which are only partially reflected.
27 Information desk, Copy Technology Services desk, Phoenix desk are included.
29 Includes education and outreach group teaching.
30 Includes participants in education sessions only.
Library branches included: Carlson Health Sciences Library and Blaisdell Medical Library.
1b-1bi A combination of weeding due to moving into new space to make room for growth and reduced spending contributed to the net
reduction of volumes in the library.
4-4a New California Digital Library packages and associated content was added.
4b Addition of government resources, free internet resources cataloged.
8 Increase due to more CD's and DVD's accompanying print materials and software programs added to support School of Medicine
15a Reduced book expenditures for this period.
26a Number reported 2006–2007 was not correct, should have been 10 not 8. No variance in this number.
26c The health sciences technical services operations were integrated as part of a campus library reorganization of technical services
functions thus decreasing the number of students required.
29 Reflects increased number of requests for educational sessions by the School of Medicine.
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