66 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 How Can We Achieve Radical Collaboration? As we move towards realizing good practice for distributed digital practice, radical collaboration is both necessary and mutually beneficial. These are some considerations for successfully engaging in radical collaboration: Be sure everyone who should be or wants to be at the table is, allowing room for more seats as our awareness grows and to accommodate the unexpected guest. If it is not possible to have everyone who might need or want to sit at the table, ensure holistic communication to maximize their ability to contribute and follow along the whole of the process. Come to the table with questions not answers, the best way to build understanding and avoid bringing in our own biases and (mis)perceptions. If you haven’t learned something in coming to the table, sit longer, ask more questions, and continue to listen. Be sure to reset the table as needed to adapt to the different perspectives that might contribute to collaborations to address our new and changing challenges and priorities. Remember to never assume you’re chairing even if you sent out the invite to join the table—an innate strength of the roundtable for radical collaboration is by definition there is no head. Remember to value your knowledge and that of others bring your whole self and be courageous—you may be the only one with your perspective and it needs to be heard. Prioritize the common goal over any single “right” approach— radical collaboration allows for the greatest cumulative impact with an awareness of the needs and contributions of the whole table. What would you add?
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