41 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 local control over how and when to engage support from the network. All communication to local researchers will be mediated by a local curator so that connections can be strengthened and maintained. Transparency. How do we communicate what we are doing with our local campus? What if we don’t tell researchers that external staff are curating data? Do we lose trust? (Do they know when using 24x7 chat services that these are done by libraries in different time zones?) This is an area we will be closely watching and assessing in our implementation phase over the coming year. Unbalanced workloads. Collaboration can mean more work for overburdened staff. How much local time/effort can be devoted to working on “someone else’s” data? Participating institutions are at different places in their curation services (and expertise) at home institutions, what happens when one partner overuses shared resources? A grant project model will protect us in some ways (for example, staff have a dedicated amount of time to spend on the project and we will use project management software to help us keep track). But maybe we will need to let go, be more flexible.
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