2 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 In This Issue Why Does Research Data Management Need Radical Collaboration? 3 Radical Collaboration: Framing the Concept Radical Collaboration and Research Data Management: An Introduction 6 Using Working Definitions to Build Understanding What Makes Collaboration Radical? Coming Together Sharing the Table Emerging Distributed Digital Practice Building (an Inclusive) Community Some Guiding Principles for Radical Collaboration The Radical Collaboration of RDA and What It Means for Developing Institutional Data Management Services 23 The Evolution of Collaboration Encouraging Radical Collaboration Bringing Everyone to the Table Archives and Data Management: The Purdue Story 33 Barriers to Collaboration: Lessons Learned from the Data Curation Network 37 What is Open Science, and How Can Radical Collaboration Facilitate It? 44 Example 1. Radical Collaboration in Support of Open Science: Software Citation Example 2. Radical Collaboration to Preserve Informal Astronomical Communications Seeking Sustainability and Inclusivity with Transparent Practices for RDM 49 Making Research Data Management a Social Activity Radical Collaboration: An Archival View 53 Disambiguating Digital Archives and Digital Preservation Digital Practice and Research Outcomes Considerations for Radical Collaboration That Engages Archives and Archivists Forward Together 62 Navigating Our Shared Space(s) What Could Radical Collaboration Look Like? Example 1. Constructive Research Methodology Overview Example 2. Storytelling as a Digital Preservation Strategy How Can We Achieve Radical Collaboration?
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