4 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 the pioneer institutions in this regard, recognized the importance of archival theory and practice to the emerging practice of RDM. Carly Dearborn, in her history of the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) and Purdue’s continuing efforts to engage archivists and data librarians in data management coursework, highlights many of the ways in which archival expertise can be leveraged in collaborative data management efforts. Lisa Johnston offers lessons learned from the early stages of the Data Curation Network, an initiative that brings together in demonstrable success…. the perspectives of research data librarians, academic library administrators, and domain subject experts from academic libraries and general-purpose or disciplinary data repositories—the “human layer” in the technology stack, in Johnston’s words—to share data curation expertise at the network level. Furthering the point about effective teaming is Megan Potterbusch, who offers two case studies of radical collaboration in support of open science: the development of Software Citation Principles, and the preservation of informal communication and gray literature in the astronomy community. What therefore emerges in this issue, and within McGovern’s frame of radical collaboration specifically, is a picture of the communities of practice that have developed in recent years to tackle so many of the thorny issues around RDM. In this vein, Heather Soyka shares her experience with DataONE as a means to consider the sustainability of these communities, above and beyond the sustainability of data itself. Additionally, Nancy McGovern offers inspiration for a new community of practice in archives, libraries, and team science utilizing the radical collaborative approach. So why this issue, why now? This is a pivotal moment for the global research enterprise, in which researchers, institutions, and funders are …not only is RDM an ideal scenario for exploring radical collaboration, but…this kind of collaboration has already resulted
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