34 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 define and deploy the repository concept using the locally developed HUBzero software.3 The university archivist was a member of this working group along with other librarians, IT professionals, and domain scientists. PURR was created to be a research and data management tool for Purdue researchers and their collaborators. It is currently the official data repository of the university. PURR now provides researchers with the tools to meet evolving data management and sharing requirements and a platform to seek help from their subject specialist librarian. PURR also provides a workspace for researchers to collaborate with their colleagues and an online publishing platform to ultimately provide access to data. PURR publishes data sets with digital object identifiers (DOIs), which make it easier for other researchers to cite published data. Finally, PURR also provides preservation support for deposited data for up to 10 years—at which point the data set will go under review as would any other library collection. After the PURR Working Group identified the requirements to create a repository and a service model, they put together a new team from the libraries to develop the platform’s functionality and preservation infrastructure. This team includes librarians, a repository specialist, a programmer, a data curator, and an archivist. All still actively work together on the repository to maintain content, develop new features and improve user experience.4 The early collaborative initiatives between the libraries and its campus partners, and within the libraries amongst archivists, librarians, and IT professionals still inform collaborative work today. Outside of involvement in PURR, for example, archivists frequently collaborate The success of these and other collaborations at Purdue Libraries is directly related to an administratively supported environment of experimentation.
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