12 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 296 2018 and people want to join. Here is a brief overview of the other three quadrants of radical collaboration that illustrate how you should avoid interacting with people: Dominant coordination may involve all or most of the members using dictatorial means that may control the direction, but limits the impact by failing to leverage the strengths of the whole Exclusive interactions sacrifice the community by involving a small number of people (often two) for short-term gains at the expense of sustained community-wide action and Passive sharing is an interaction that requires little effort and, though labeled collaboration, has the least impact and frustrates community building by being the antithesis of inclusive. Figure 2. Radical Collaboration Months after I shared the first version of the radical collaboration grid, I searched the internet for “radical collaboration” not expecting to find much, and discovered the radical collaboration movement.9 This version of radical collaboration comes from the business world and has a competitive focus as evidenced by one of their guiding quotes, “You
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