4 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 Jill Deupi, Chuck Eckman, and Christina Larson’s article also begins in 2015, with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s support for identifying and addressing opportunities for deep library-museum collaboration within institutions of higher learning. Following a summit, the University of Miami responded to and received funding for CREATE,1 an interdisciplinary initiative designed to catalyze and support innovative pedagogies, exhibitions, research, and public programs that hold the university’s library and art museum collections at their core. Their article highlights what is achievable through collaborations on paper conservation, information discovery, exhibitions that transcend object sharing, and digital initiatives. The authors provide insights on how they continue to collaborate during the current pandemic and the opportunities they are exploring to continue to develop, expand, and refine the collaborative efforts to date. The third article reflects conversations on GLAM collaborations under COVID-19 conditions and what that might mean for the future. Mark Sweeney and Jacob Nadal of the Library of Congress, Kurt Graham of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, and Trevor Dawes of the University of Delaware Libraries and Museums share how the institutions they lead are building on the strength of past and existing collaborations, and how the challenges of the pandemic may accelerate strategic opportunities. This article focuses our attention on a variety of collaboration types and what they mean, and invites us to move boldly forward embracing our potential synergies. More than ever it is essential that we share what we have experienced, open up our conversations to imagine the possibilities, and celebrate our shared mission. I hope this issue of Research Library Issues provides you with inspiration for what lies ahead. Endnote 1. CREATE website, University of Miami, accessed June 3, 2020, https:// create.miami.edu/.
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