13 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 5. Taking It to the People: The Montreal Summit (2019) On May 13, 2019, the third and last, to date, GLAM Summit was held in Montreal. Once again over 280 participants from the whole sector showed up at the National Library and Archives of Quebec to further the Ottawa Declaration agenda. Placed under the theme “Taking It to the people,” the discussion focused in three areas: 1. Collaboration: What are the benefits, challenges, and actionable strategies involved with collaborating within the GLAM sector and across sectors? 2. First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nation: How can GLAMs work more closely with Indigenous communities and individuals to renew relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect? 3. Technology: How can GLAMs collaborate with technology partners to improve user experience? Over the course of the 2019 summit a number of cross-cutting themes emerged. First of those themes was the goal shared by representatives from GLAMs of reimagining traditional forms of collaboration. The second cross-cutting theme was that of bolstering GLAMs’ work as agents of social cohesion in a time of growing ideological fragmentation. Finally, another recurrent theme was the need for GLAMs to embrace agility as they find new ways to innovate. In addition to the panels and keynotes, the summit was also the occasion for representatives from Oxford Economics to present an overview of the initial findings of the value study they had been conducting over the last four months. The presentation was followed by interactive sessions during which the participants had the opportunity to offer their views on these findings. 6. A New Narrative for the GLAM Sector As well, in Montreal, exchanges were held on the foundational elements for a narrative designed to support the GLAM sector in its
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