33 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 deputy librarian of the Library of Congress Jacob Nadal, director for preservation at the Library of Congress Kurt Graham, director of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, US National Archives and Records Administration and Trevor A. Dawes, vice provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian at the University of Delaware. We discussed GLAM collaborations under COVID-19 and what these conditions might offer as opportunities for the future. This article reflects our conversations. Collaborations among the museums, libraries, and archives discussed in the interviews take many forms: internal collaborations, collaborations among institutional partners, individual leader and expert collaborations, collaborations with community organizations, collaborations with partners in research and learning, and collaborations with “the people.” In all of these the central theme is to share information with and among scholars, students, citizen scholars, and the general public. Collaboration under COVID-19 Conditions Collaborations are not new among the GLAM community. Although they are unique, individual disciplines, archives, museums, and libraries share a common mission—to provide people with information that they can use to learn, to conduct research, and to contribute to society. They interact through shared collections and access to collections, shared expertise, and shared events and exhibits. They capture and reflect human history and steward it throughout time. So, how have collaborations changed in the face of the global pandemic and subsequent societal challenges? The Library of Congress Strategic Plan for 2019–20235 highlights the significance of internal and external collaborations, with federal peers, nationally and internationally. With COVID-19 there has been even more opportunity for progress on the web archiving program6 in collaboration with the International Internet Preservation Consortium. The Library of Congress is in regular contact with the Smithsonian
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