22 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 Conservation of Works on Paper Like CREATE and UM’s Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship for Academic Engagement, UM’s Mellon Fellowship for Paper Conservation has proved an invaluable asset to the university’s campus and surrounding community. Beyond expanding institutional capacity to address critical collections needs, this position has equally provided important training for the two individuals who have filled this two-year, fixed-term, postgraduate post since its launch: Laura Fedynyszyn (2017–2019) and Clara Huisman (2019–present). Highlights from Fedynyszyn’s term of service include her treatment of a 1718 edition of the Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro’s Maronis Opera a volume printed in iron gall ink, the acidic tannins of which were effectively eating away at its paper support. Fedynyszyn, working under the supervision of the UM Libraries’ lead conservator Duvy Argandona, was able to successfully stabilize this important work while also repairing losses and tears throughout.10 In addition, Fedynyszyn assisted Argandona with preparing materials from the libraries’ distinctive collections for display at UML and LAM, including the latter’s 2018 Antillean Visions: Maps and the Making of the Caribbean exhibition (see “Collaborative Exhibitions” section below). As UM’s second Mellon Fellow in Paper Conservation, Huisman has similarly performed a range of conservation treatments, designed and constructed custom mounts and housings for artists’ books, treated photographs and other fine art works on paper, and stabilized materials containing iron gall ink. She has also developed a sampling methodology for collections assessments and carried out UMLLAM collection condition surveys. UMLLAM Shared Discovery Initiative Collection objects are, of course, only useful if they are discoverable. Thus, in 2016, UML and LAM began exploring single, open-access portals that could surface all of UM’s research resources as well as UMLLAM’s collections materials. UML, which has a fuller complement of technology staff than the Lowe, took the lead on developing the related request for proposals. LAM staff, however,
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