19 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 library-museum collaboration within institutions of higher learning. The proceedings, which included presentations by all participating institutions, were captured in a detailed white paper that is freely available online.1 Following this impactful summit, the Mellon Foundation invited several participating institutions to submit funding proposals addressing museum-library collaborative opportunities. UM responded with a three-pronged plan to create two new, integrated, matrix-reporting fellowships (one devoted to paper conservation, the other to academic outreach, engagement, and support) as well as an incentivizing grants program for faculty wishing to incorporate University of Miami Libraries and Lowe Art Museum (UMLLAM) holdings into their curricula. Mellon generously committed $500,000 to these intertwined initiatives, which were specifically designed to further the respective missions of UML and LAM, to advance UM’s fundamental commitment to pedagogical support across all disciplines, to foster ongoing research and scholarship, and to leverage the expertise of UM’s world-class faculty and staff. The outcomes and outputs to date have been encouraging, but challenges—as well as new opportunities—remain. In addition to highlighting some of the most impactful areas of UMLLAM’s partnership, this paper will touch upon shared successes, surface obstacles, and paint a vision for tomorrow. Cultural Resources | Engagement | Academics | Technology | Enrichment (CREATE) Binding the three central threads of UMLLAM’s Mellon initiatives together is CREATE,2 an interdisciplinary initiative designed to catalyze and support innovative pedagogies, exhibitions, research, and public programs that hold UMLLAM’s collections at their core. Launched in June 2017, CREATE is more than just an administrative home for the aforementioned faculty-incentivizing grants, however: It is an interdisciplinary committee comprising faculty drawn from UM’s Coral Gables, Virginia Key, and downtown Miami campuses as well as staff from both UML and LAM. Participating constituents
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