14 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 entirety. The goal of the narrative, placed under the theme “A Rapidly Changing World Needs GLAMs,” is to demonstrate the value and breadth of the social benefits of GLAMs. The narrative is built on four strong statements: 1. People turn to GLAMs for the credible and trusted information they want and need. GLAMs remain the most trusted of public institutions. 2. People connect, experience, and write their stories together in and with GLAMs. In a digital landscape, GLAMs are inclusive physical and virtual spaces where people connect with and understand each other. 3. GLAMs help Canada prosper and innovate. GLAMs are economic engines that power smart, creative communities. They inspire entrepreneurs and artists and act as incubators for innovation and creativity of all kinds. 4. GLAMs make citizens and communities better. They enrich lives and are foundational to personal and community growth and regeneration. They favor greater emotional awareness, compassion, resilience, and openness to ideas that differ from our own. 7. Value Study of GLAMs in Canada Taking into account the conversations held at the Montreal Summit, Oxford Economics completed the Value Study of GLAMs in Canada in December 2019. Recognizing that GLAMs are much more than simply visitor attractions, the report aims to capture their fundamental role using a combination of quantitative value metrics and qualitative assessments of societal values. Therefore, the findings of the study are based on available data as well as a national survey of 2,045 Canadian residents. A range of economic techniques were used, in line with the diversity of activities GLAMs undertake. The study estimates 150 million visits are made to Canadian GLAMs by members of the public each year. Online visits (websites, catalogs,
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