15 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) were also taken into account, as well as the educational value of GLAMs and—the most innovative measure—the well-being effect of GLAMs usage. The model used by Oxford Economics suggests that the annual value to a Canadian GLAM user is equivalent to $1,440 in improved well-being. To quote the study: “visiting GLAMs has the same wellbeing effect of receiving a monetary bonus of $1,440 per annum.”8 Combining all components, the total gross value of GLAMs to Canada is $11.7 billion per year (2019 Canadian dollars). Given that the operational expenditure needed to run GLAMs is estimated at $3.0 billion, dividing the $11.7 billion benefits by the $3.0 billion costs gives a benefit-cost ratio of 3.9. In other words, for every dollar invested in GLAMs, society gets nearly four dollars in return. The authors of the study added “GLAMs perform very favourably when compared to other major social investments, such as transportation infrastructure.”9 8. More with More At the time of writing (spring 2020), the Canadian GLAM sector is at the end of a first cycle of collective work. Thanks to the organization of three well-attended summits, the sector’s cohesion has progressed significantly over the past three years and the group has equipped itself with the two major tools it had identified as absolutely necessary: a narrative for the entire sector and a study on the value of GLAMs demonstrating the profitability of increased investments in memory institutions. Work is now poised to restart, focusing more on outreach, communications, and promotional activities. Building on the cohesion that the sector has developed in recent years, the sector is now looking at intensifying the dialogue with public and private decision-makers and the general public in order to highlight the contribution of GLAMs to our collective future. During the Ottawa Summit of December 2016, Maureen Sawa, the CEO of the Greater Victoria Public Library, hit the nail on the head when she said that instead of looking at doing “more with less,” the
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