11 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 Enrich and expand access to our collections to ensure that our institutions contribute significantly to the public good and sustainable development.6 Leaving the summit, participants knew that they needed to keep the momentum going. So, a working group was created to put the Ottawa Declaration into action. The group was composed of eight members, with expertise from across the GLAM sector, and it had the mandate to flesh out the vision of the Ottawa Declaration, to explore and study how GLAMs bring value to Canadian society, and to take an active role in identifying areas where new partnerships could be developed. The group’s first task was to work on creating a template for a study on the value of the GLAMs. Of course, there had been studies on the value of libraries in the recent past, including the ones from the British Library, the Toronto Public Library, and the Ottawa Public Library mentioned above. But—to the best of the collective knowledge of the working group—there had never been a study on the value of the whole GLAM sector. So, in order to scope what such a study should look like so that the reality of all types of memory institutions would be encompassed, the working group commissioned Brightsail Research Inc., in February 2018, to provide the basis for a national study. The Brightsail report was published at the end of March 2018 and it did confirm that “while there is a significant number of library value studies…to date no studies addressing the value of memory institutions as a multi- sector community have been done.”7 The Brightsail scoping exercise also revealed that there was a high degree of inconsistency in terms of data collected by GLAMs and concluded that a global value study would present a unique opportunity for the Canadian GLAM sector to innovate. In the meantime, the co-chairs of the working group fundraised to get the funds needed to undertake the study. Thanks to generous donations from the McConnell Family Foundation, from Rosamund Ivy, and
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