12 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 from the Department of Canadian Heritage, they were able to proceed with a call for tenders to select a firm to conduct the study under the supervision of the working group. Oxford Economics, the same firm that carried out the pioneering study on the value of the British Library, was commissioned to undertake the study. 4. Taking It to the Next Level: The Toronto Summit (2018) Also, to keep the momentum going, a second GLAM Summit was held on January, 30, 2018, at the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto. The summit was entitled “Taking It to Next Level” and it welcomed some 280 participants on yet another cold Canadian winter day. The summit focused on four topics that were seen as drivers as the sector moved forward: 1. Communities: How can collaborative relationships among GLAMs benefit local communities, as well as provide greater opportunities for building links and fostering community identity? 2. Indigenous peoples: How can GLAMs work more closely with Indigenous peoples to renew relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect? 3. Private sector: How can GLAMs work with the private sector to foster greater innovation? 4. Government priorities: How can GLAMs work with various levels of government? The need for a supporting foundational narrative that would demonstrate the value and the breadth of social and economic benefits of GLAMs emerged as the core conclusion of the second GLAM Summit. That narrative should show relevance, illustrate how GLAMs matter, and highlight what they have to offer to partners from other sectors of activity, such as the private sector, government, and not for profits.
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