2 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 300 2020 In This Issue Introduction 3 If You Want to Go Far, Go Together: The Collaboration among the GLAM Community in Canada (2016–2019) 6 1. Sunny Ways—Really? 2. Taking It to the Streets: The Ottawa Summit (2016) 3. The Ottawa Declaration 4. Taking It to the Next Level: The Toronto Summit (2018) 5. Taking It to the People: The Montreal Summit (2019) 6. A New Narrative for the GLAM Sector 7. Value Study of GLAMs in Canada 8. More with More C-R-E-A-T-E: Building an Institutional Cultural Resources Platform 18 Background Cultural Resources | Engagement | Academics | Technology | Enrichment (CREATE) Conservation of Works on Paper UMLLAM Shared Discovery Initiative Collaborative Exhibitions: Transcending Object Sharing Digital Collaborations The Digital Turn: Before, during, and after COVID-19 Looking to the Future GLAM Collaborations under COVID-19 Conditions and Beyond 32 Collaboration under COVID-19 Conditions GLAM Collaborations beyond COVID-19
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