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TEXAS A&M cont.
18–20 Data is reported in main libraries survey. The Texas A&M University Libraries recently switched
to a different COUNTER compliant reporting software system. Data for the Medical Sciences
Libraries cannot be separated out this year but it may be possible to report data in the second year
of using the new software implementation.
All figures are as of 08/31/2014.
Library branches included: Harrington Library TTUSSC/Amarillo Montes-Gallo Library of the
Health Sciences TTUHSC/El Paso Library of the Health Sciences TTUHSC/Odessa and Preston
Smith HSC Library.
10 Includes worker’s compensation insurance, health match, TRS matching, ORP matching, opt out
health matching, lump sum vacation pool, retiree insurance pool, Medicaid, Medicare, FICA,
social security.
18–20 Information not available.
1 Increase due to new and retrospective cataloging, and the purchase of e-book sets.
4 Increase due to purchase of e-book sets.
6, 7–7.b Increase in institutional support.
7.c Increase from shifting budget priorities.
8.c, 13, 13.c Increase due to greater reliance on student help.
15 Smaller groups.
16, 17, 21 Decrease in demand.
18 Figures are aggregated with the main library see main library figures.
18 Includes COUNTER compliant data for journals from AMA, Cambridge, EBSCO, Elsevier,
Informa, Karger, Mary Ann Liebert, Nature, NEJM, Ovid, Oxford, Sage, Springer, Taylor &
Francis, Thieme, and Wiley.
19 Includes searches in the following databases: CINAHL, DynaMed, Gale, LexiComp, Cochrane,
Scopus, AccessMedicine, MD Consult, STAT!Ref, and UpToDate.
20 Not able to calculate this. Our individual databases count searches only, not federated searches
within a single database. Other federated searching across content is handled by Primo, which
Marriott handles.
Library branches included: Biomedical Library.
2 Major journal withdrawal project.
7.a Decrease due to need to cover increases in ongoing resource purchases.
8, 8.a Salaries of library staff formerly split with Knowledge Management department are now shifted
back to library.
8.b, 13.b Some staff were reclassified as professional staff during the year.
8.c Small decrease in small amount of student support appears as large percentage.
9 Planned reduction in operating expenses due to increased efficiency and streamlining of
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