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Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data from prior years not previously reported. Numbers refer
to columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise stated all figures are as of
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All figures are as of 09/30/2014.
2 The reason for the -85.9% difference is that a very large percentage of the library’s printed
collection was deselected and removed from the library.
4 This year there was a -52% difference. Part of that may be that University Libraries included the
count of e-books included in Access Medicine since they do catalog those titles, but the Health
Sciences Library purchases that resource. That would have brought the count up to 211. Also, the
count was provided by the systems office this year and there may have been a difference in how
the count was done previously.
6 There are several things that can account for the -18% difference. The library purchased fewer
journal titles this year and collaborated with Lister Hill Library at UAB on the joint purchase of
ExamMaster. The library is binding very few printed serials now and those costs have gone down
considerably. One staff position (library assistant) has also been eliminated.
7, 7.b 17.8% less was spent on ongoing resource purchases due to cancellation of several serial
subscriptions and a joint purchase on one electronic resource. This results in a -19.8% difference in
total library materials overall.
7, 7.c 60.6% less was spent on bibliographic utilities, binding of printed serials, interlibrary loan, and
computer hardware. This results in a -19.8% difference in total library materials overall.
8, 8.b The -56.9% difference occurred due to the elimination of one library assistant position. This
results in a -19.7% difference in total salaries and wages overall.
10 Most likely, the -18.2% difference was caused by the elimination of the one staff position.
13 There are currently 33.3% less staff due to the elimination of one staff position and one open
work-study student position.
Library branches included: Arizona Health Sciences Library on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus.
10 Benefits rates: Library faculty 28.6% Staff 47.8% Students 2.1% and Graduate assistants 63.3%
(13.3% fringe and 50% tuition remission).
11 Benefits rates for Library faculty: 28.6%.
14 Includes both presentations within the university and external events in the community.
18–20 Not able to differentiate health sciences faculty/staff/student use from main campus use.
18 See counts on Main Library survey as it is for all Boston University libraries.
4 Electronic books count is included with Main Library.
7.c Collection Support Expenditures are included with Other Operating Expenditures.
12 Consortia expenditures are included with Main Library.
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