42 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2013–2014
Question Number Footnote
10, 11 UCLA does not use official employee benefit rates for recording employee benefit expenditures.
UCLA employee benefit expenditures are recorded by the UCLA payroll system at the individual
employee level based on each employee’s eligibility for benefits and other criteria that may
impact the cost of one or more components of employee benefit expense. Year to year increase is
employee benefit expenditures is driven principally by the UC Regents mandated increase in the
employer contributions to the UC retirement plan.
1 The Medical Library also has access to a number of electronic resources that are only counted in
the Main Library’s statistics.
14, 15 Special outreach project this academic year resulted in significant increase.
16 Increase due to heavier use of library after opening of Computer Science Instructional Laboratory.
17 Last year’s number was incorrect. The correct number was 9,467.
21, 22 Last year’s figures for filled requests provided and filled requests received were reversed. The
correct numbers for last year were 5,224 filled requests provided (question 21) and 2,041 filled
requests received (question 22).
11 Fringe benefits rates are dependent upon staff category according to the following: Faculty 41.1%
and Staff 33.2%.
18, 19 Included in the total university counts.
Library branches included: Health Sciences Library.
2 Figure erroneously underreported in FY13.
13.b Decrease represents positions eliminated from Health Sciences roster.
10 Fringe benefits include pension, unemployment compensation, health services, group life
insurance, social security, and medical insurance.
20 The number of searches refer to PRIMO searches.
Library branches included: the Medical Library and the Medical Center Archives in New York
City. Also includes some counts for the Medical Library’s Patient Resource Center.
Library branches NOT included: Excludes the medical library at the Weill Cornell Medical
College in Qatar.
1 2012/13’s title count should have been 93,717. Includes some open access items selected and
cataloged to support research and educational needs.
6, 7, 8, 9 The NYC medical units share four academic staff with the medical library in Qatar or with
the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Only the WCMC-paid FTE portions (1.5 FTE) are
included here with one exception: one FTE fully funded by Qatar is also included as he works and
reports to staff in the Medical Library in NYC. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital also funds
additional general operating expenses (not included here) for the Medical Archives. Similarly,
materials expenditures exclude Qatar’s and Ithaca/Geneva’s contributions to shared e-resources.
7 The requested breakouts cannot be provided.
8 Some positions were vacant for part or most of the year.
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