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8.a, 13.a Includes academic and exempt staff.
8.b, 13.b Includes non-academic, non-exempt staff.
13.c Not applicable; any students hired are hired as temps.
14, 16 Information transactions and presentations to groups include only those interactions staff
recorded in Count It, CUL’s locally built system for tracking public service transactions.
18 This measure cannot be reported separately for Medical as many subscriptions are shared
between NYC, Ithaca/Geneva, and Qatar. See the count in the main survey.
Library branches included: Dana Biomedical Library, and Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences
4 Electronic books not counted as part of any individual library section, total overall for college is
7, 7.a, 7.b, 9 Yearly fluctuations due to purchasing decisions.
7.c A category of collection support that had not been included in the past is now being included.
8.c, 13, 13.a Raw numbers are more accurate than percentages due to the nature and size of the raw data.
11 Fringe benefits at 34.5% include amounts for all regular and term employees. The fringe rate for
temporary employees is 9%, and there is no fringe charged for student assistants.
14, 15 Increased outreach and yearly fluctuations due to class needs.
16 FY13 data was higher than normal. This library is in a temporary smaller space and is primarily
17 Due to our increased digital collection and the library move.
18–20 Figures are for the library system as a whole, not for any one branch, so only recorded on the
main report.
22 Due to our increased digital collection.
4 Large increase in e-books is due to addition of Clinical Key.
7.a Difference is because last year the library purchase several back files, this year the only purchased
only one set.
7.c Decrease in collections support is because the number this year only includes ILL/CCC payments.
Last year the number included ILLiad payment (was paid by IFM payments from Lending ILLs
this year).
8.a, 10 Difference was caused by two staff members leaving mid-year.
21, 22 ILL numbers have been on a steady decrease for several years now.
All figures are as of 08/31/2014.
18–20 Reported at the system level for all libraries in the MAIN library form.
Library branches included: Maguire Medical Library.
1 The increase in the number of titles can be attributed to an increase in the number of e-resources
purchased in anticipation of ending a contract with an e-resources aggregate.
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