6 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 profession as a pipeline problem to a problem of lack of commitment. Martha Alvarado Anderson (University of Arkansas), a member of the LCDP cohort, reflects on these conversations and experiences in her article. Understanding the History and Impact of Misinformation and Anti-intellectualism Two sessions of the spring 2021 ARL meeting brought attendees into dialogue with scholars whose research interrogates key information phenomena with deep impacts on contemporary life. In their article exploring misinformation and disinformation, Jeffery Loo and Erik Mitchell (University of California, San Diego) consider the perspectives on disordered information discussed in a panel with Clara Chu (University of Illinois), Sarah Sobieraj (Tufts University), and Whitney Phillips (Syracuse University). Summarizing and jumping off from the context discussed in the meeting, Mitchell and Loo focus on health misinformation and potential interventions where libraries may be able to play a role. Anti-intellectualism and anti-science attitudes are not phenomena born of the COVID-19 era. Three social scientists provided historical context and theories explicating their origin and current dynamics, with a particular focus on the impact of anti-intellectualism on public health. Matthew Motta (Oklahoma State University) started by revisiting the origins of the term’s three frames in Richard Hofstetter’s 1963 book, Anti-intellectualism in American Life, putting emphasis on the negative affect towards scientists and other experts as the most crucial of the three. Motta noted anti-intellectual attitudes’ persistent presence in longitudinal US opinion polls, and the continuity from George Wallace’s invocation of “pointy-headed intellectuals” in the late ’60s to former President Donald Trump’s frequent invectives against science and academics. Eric Merkley’s (University of Toronto) research measures connections between political polarization and anti-intellectualism, finding that,
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