28 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 impact of misinformation on COVID-19 prevention and vaccination, the Board approved recommendations aligned with the Surgeon General’s advisory. In support of the county’s campaign against health misinformation, the San Diego Circuit consortium libraries aim to collaborate and use the strategies described in this article. Circuit is a consortium comprising private and public academic libraries and public libraries. The members include San Diego County Library, San Diego Public Library, San Diego State University, UC San Diego, University of San Diego, and California State University San Marcos. Our consortium is partnering in a coordinated and strategic way to counteract misinformation regionally. In planning our initiatives, the steering team emphasized the benefits of building on members’ diverse expertise with instruction, resource sharing, and community engagement for maximum public impact. 4. Future Directions Looking towards the future, De Paor and Heravi have proposed a framework for libraries to address misinformation, consisting of the following four action areas.33 Advocacy. De Paor and Heravi posit that libraries should promote their traditional role as safe and inclusive spaces people can turn to for information support. By leveraging our historic role as a trusted organization in a fragmented information ecosystem, libraries can address misinformation in a unique and impactful way. To act on this approach, libraries might promote our resources and services for information-literacy development and provide factual information to address misinformation. In support of this strategy, our outreach activities may need to shift to social media and networking sites, where misinformation can spread rapidly. Revisit and reevaluate library values. While libraries have traditionally taken a neutral stance around information sharing, our
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