14 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 in a post-pandemic world, he focused on the need for meaningful partnerships, that stems, among other things, from the need for accessibility, and saw the library as the quintessential one-stop destination where students are able to locate not just the traditional library resources or IT help, but also, for instance, multicultural offerings, which, in turn, make library spaces safer, more welcoming, and more accessible. In a response in the follow-up Q&A session, he stressed the importance of working with student library- advisory groups to understand what the most desired partnerships on each campus might be. The other trends in the future of library spaces post-pandemic that he focused on included the need for wellness/meditation spaces private spaces (conference spots) and technologically enhanced spaces where students experience and learn about emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality. The points that I tried to get across were organized around the redesign of Hillman Library and the question of whether it is worth it for a university to invest in physical library spaces in a post-pandemic world. The principles that underlie our redesign are: the library is not a mere facility, it is a place for people who are engaged in the active creation of new knowledge, not in a passive consumption of information the library is a place where ideas are exchanged and debated and the library is a place where emerging technologies are deployed to support both the curricular and the extracurricular engagement of our communities. It is also a place that emphasizes the unique—unique collections, unique services and expertise, unique programming, unique partnerships. The examples I used included the creation of spaces such as our book lab, called Text & conText, a partnership with Pitt’s Center for Creativity, where classes and individual students come to learn how to make paper, print books, bind them, digitize them, and examine the tensions between the analog and the digital world our Open Lab, a partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning, which deploys innovative teaching technologies, such as VR and our digital interactive wall for Archives
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