18 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to take on leadership roles in their careers and in the profession at large.1 Unexpected to us was the importance the program would have after the inception of the pandemic, social unrest initiated by the tragic murder of George Floyd, and the turbulent Trump years at the end of his presidency. Instead, the program’s sessions, institutional visits, and mentorship transferred to online venues. All stakeholders had to adapt to finding new ways to provide meaningful programming and resources. Migrating to originally unintended platforms took time to implement, and the ARL LCDP for the Pandemons was extended to 18 months. The program leaders provided flexibility to replan events, to reschedule, and to seek feedback from fellows and partners to adjust to the unmistakably changing climate. Resiliency is the best word to describe membership in this program as we all—fellows, mentors, program administrators, and institutions—had to adjust to new approaches for delivering agreed resources and services. It was clear to me that although there were stated objectives to achieve during the program, this was indeed a new experience in which ability to adapt, to regroup, and to redirect were essentials for succeeding in the program and throughout the almost two-year pandemic. The Unthinkable What is a fellow to do under these changing circumstances? One of the first resources created by the Pandemons was a Slack channel through which we communicated about projects and held informal conversations. This was a much-needed space when feeling the isolation and the mental stresses from the pandemic, and the sudden move from in-person to virtual demand for services in March of 2020. Unintended consequences during these challenging times were the furloughs and changes in leadership across institutions in the first pandemic year, along with the impact that reduction of personnel, leadership transitions, and demand for more online platforms had on
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