20 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 adding the emotional stresses from implementing DEIA work required having a community of peers. It was comforting to be able to have this group and to have the confidence to ask any questions related to the pandemic, social unrest, furloughs, etc. Confidence because the cohort built it by confirming that several of us had the same concerns. In addition, there was an understanding that those involved in the program also wanted to remove systemic barriers for the new Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) leadership. We appreciated the solidarity statements pre-pandemic. This time around, there was an apparent commitment to make changes and to realize that removing barriers required the involvement of everyone participating in these conversations. Another topic discoursed was related to professional organizations providing DEIA resources through several pipeline programs for underrepresented groups. Considering the new virtual environments and more access to DEIA resources, the question remained: as new emerging leaders, what is it that we needed from the Association of Research Libraries. Most of the fellows agreed that we do not perceive a pipeline problem but rather a lack of commitment to BIPOC personnel and to empowerment of the same. Lack of commitment was discussed as the realization that although several organizations offer internship opportunities, training, and webinars, most of these opportunities are transient. There is no commitment to hire after the residency and/or internship programs are completed. In other words, there is a lack of commitment to hiring and to retaining BIPOC personnel. It is my experience that BIPOC personnel are often over-mentored and under-sponsored. We asked for hiring opportunities and the possibility of ceding power, of allowing personnel to do the jobs we were hired to do. Perhaps another topic I would have liked the ARL to consider is how to benchmark for assessment and accountability. For instance, I
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