19 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 303 2022 the new, driven-to-learn ARL LCDP fellows. 2021 ARL Fall Meeting As we successfully completed our training, we were invited to attend and participate in the 2021 ARL Fall Meeting. Some of the central topics during this meeting were activating physical spaces of research libraries pursuing truth, reconciliation, and transformation and leading through disruption and change.2 These three topics highlighted concerns raised by galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) organizations while attempting to adjust and to deliver services during two very challenging calendar years. Collaborating on the fall meeting meant that my cohort was going to participate with a broader community in which administrators, mentors, and fellows would share lived experiences intended to enhance understanding, cultural proficiencies, and strategizing about discovering more intentional methods for dismantling systemic barriers in our organizations. One of the main sessions I participated in during the fall meeting was “Transformation in This Time of Disruption,” held on October 6, 2021. Some of the points raised during the presentation were recognition of the Pandemons’ unique experiences and how those experiences were informed by the disruption and trials of the previous year. We were to share with attendees our reflections on what worked and did not work for us. The first conversation emerged from reflecting on takeaways from the program. I shared that community and confidence were two takeaways from my personal experience. Community because during 2020, most of us had questions about the future of our profession and our own organizations. After the George Floyd tragedy, most of us were asked to contribute to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) efforts at a higher level. Although this might have seemed like a proper request at the time, the cohort was already facing the pandemic trials
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