56 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2012–2013
4 Increase in E-books due to purchase of two large databases (Making of Modern Law: primary sources.
Pt. 2, 1763-1979 and Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, c. 1600-1926),
as well as a larger than usual addition of titles to several HeinOnline libraries.
7, 7.a Total library materials and one-time resource purchases increased due to receipt of one-time year-end
funding for additional materials purchases.
14–16 Decrease in number of instruction sessions and in number of reference transactions due to changes to
the first-year required writing class.
22 Decrease due to policy change ceasing requests for required course materials and improved de-
duplication of requests from student-run journals.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013.
7.c Law Library actively assessed budget and expenditures to reduce costs.
9 More third party services were engaged to support operations.
16 LibGuides and bibliographic instruction sessions may help with more self-help reference answers.
7.c ILL=$2250; Collection management applications=$141,651.
7.a Purchase of electronic back files.
7.c Decrease in the purchase of print collections leads to a decrease in binding costs.
9 One time expenditures for study carrels.
10 Current rate is $14,844 per full time employee for health insurance, plus 32.74% of salary for retirement,
payroll taxes, and other payroll expenses.
11 There is no official designated percent. The current rate is $14,844 per full time employee for fixed costs
(health insurance); plus 32.74% of salary for variable costs (retirement, payroll taxes, and other payroll
expenses). 59% is an average rate.
Library branches included: Penn State Dickinson School of Law and H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law
14, 15 Law Library converted several separate topical sessions into a single series for which students
registered. This decreased the overall number of sessions and attendees.
18–20 Law Library metrics for e-resource usage cannot be extracted from main university data.
3 This figure is an approximation. It is based on an actual physical count to which new titles are added.
[Newark Law Library]
4 This figure is based on bibliographic records and information provided by the vendors. These are no
“e-Books” per se but are a total of the electronic books for which a catalog record exists. [Newark Law
8.a Increase in professional staff FTE. [Camden Law Library]
8.a In-coming director started on July 1, 2012 and began drawing a full salary during the previous
reporting year, the out-going director drew only 80% of salary for half a year. See footnote 8a to last
year’s report. [Newark Law Library]
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